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Discover Atlanta's Edgewater at Sandy Springs Apartments, nestled in the hills and streams of vibrant Sandy Springs, moments from Midtown, Downtown & Perimeter Mall, with easy access to GA 400. Learn more...  
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Edgewater at Sandy Springs Reviews

Overall Apartment Rating

This property was recommended by 95.2% of reviews.

Parking 4.5
Noise 3.6
Grounds 4.4
Construction 3.9
Maintenance 4.1
Staff 4.0
Overall 4.3
Rated on a scale of 1-5. 1 being very poor and 5 being excellent.
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One of the most beautiful quite and welcoming properties I've ever seen. The staff is great and the events they offer allow the residents to socialize and build a relationship with each other. No complaints here !




I love this place. The staff always do their best to work with you no matter what the issue. Any maintenance issues I've encountered have been resolved in a very timely manner. I had a leak in my bathroom which rendered the shower unusable and they not only fixed the issue quickly, but also loaned me a second apartment to shower in while the repairs were being completed. Always friendly, always helpful. I recommended a co-worker here and she moved in within about a week after seeing how well they manage this community. I've been here since January and have nothing but good things to say. Highly recommended.


Overall I think it is a great place to live. There are plenty of amenities, plenty of parking and lots of greenery. The apartments themselves are nice, but do have quite a bit of maintenance issues as several people have stated. There also seems to be a problem with bugs (especially roaches) but that's nothing a bottle of raid cannot solve. I do think the staff could use some training on people skills and wished when they remodeled units that they did quality remodels and not quick ones. You can tell they rushed through the remodels when you see paint on windows, walls and doors/floors where it shouldn't be. Overall though, it's a "SOLID" place to stay with occasional maint. issues. You also have those one or two nagging neighbors who think there should be ZERO noise when in reality they need to realize they live in an apartment...and some noise is to be expected. At any rate I think if they took time to invest more quality work in their remodels and quality people in the office it could really help make this place even better.


Awesome, love how they respect and take care of their property and people.


comfortable, quite, and very inviting

Edgewater At Sandy Springs reply
Thank you for your rating. We are glad you are happy in your new Home.

It feels safe, protected and fairly well maintained.

Edgewater At Sandy Springs reply
We are glad you like your new Home. Please let me know if there are any outstanding maintenance issues, i will be glad to assist you. Cynthia Rice Sr. Community Manager

That staff are very nice, mostly Tracy and Lisa. the only issue i have is the maintenance. We've been here since October 2012 and i'm not sure how many times we called the maintenance dept., which we have to go thru call center n be on hold for a long time to address the issue. the main issue that irritates me the most up to this point is water leaks. It started from the second floor. It leaks thru the wall that divides the washer/dryer unit and kitchen and water comes in the master bedroom floor. It was soak and wet till the maintenance come and fix it. This happened about 2 or 3 times. Has mold and mildew and still no resolution about it. Then the ceiling in the master bathroom starts leaking (again from upstairs). I was taking a shower the first time i found out about it. It was like a hard rain in the shower every time someone use the bathroom upstairs. I don't know how many times i called the maintenance dept.,. Finally someone came but just to cut a big rectangular shape in the bathroom and left it there for almost 2 weeks! I called and finally was able to get in touch with Lisa from the leasing office and address the issue including new but small issues. Still no maintenance came till my husband saw a maintenance guy coming form a different building to show him what it looks like in our bathroom. He covered the ceiling and painted it. However, small issue hasn't been fixed till a few weeks after which is not a big deal. Two days ago my husband told me that something is leaking from the water heater and he called the maintenance already. No body came. It has been almost a week now (7/12/13) that the leak is now spreading on the floor, soak and wet just like the issue we had in our bathroom. All in all..the maintenance of this complex is unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!

Edgewater At Sandy Springs reply
The entire team at Edgewater at Sandy Springs is working diligently to make sure your requests are completed in a timely manner. Please contact me personally so that I can assist you with your outstanding items. Cynthia Rice Sr. Community Manager 770-396-0222

Nice and quiet area, plenty of parking space and feels very secure. Dealing with the management and leasing office has been a pleasure and everything from applying and moving to settling in has been flawless. I have seen some negative comments on this community online however have not been able to experience any of those myself. So far no noise, loitering, soliciting,problem neighbors etc. Very pleases I chose this particular complex. Amenities are awesome and pricing is more than competitive. Thanks Lisa for making moving in a painless experience.


I had an unfortuante situation to occur to my vehicle in January which caused some financial issues for me. The management staff sorted out a plan to work with me to make pymnt for February. Although my situation became time consuming, I wrote a letter to Tracey and explained to her my situation. Because of the process of what I was going through, it didn't allow me to uphold my promise to them. Not once did they make me feel that my issue was unimportant to them and even though I couldn't uphold my promise they still treat with dignity and that my presence to the community is appreciated. Let me explain something to you that are considering moving to this complex. If you're looking for a nice affordable community with great amenities, mainatanance people that stay on the job and respond to matters in a timely fashion, excellent leasing staff, and a beautiful scenery ....... turn into 7600 Roswell Rd, bring your bags and your furniture upon inquiry; I guarantee you wouldn't want to leave. Shouts out for the ENTIRE staff at Edgewater at Sandy Springs may God bless each and every one of you for the great job you do!!


I have been living in this apartment for several years, seen many new management changes with different promises to all residents but nothing has done to make it better instead made it worse. I SEE THE IMPROVEMENT AND CHANGES OF THIS APARTMENT, THANK YOU SO MUCH EDGE WATER OF SANDY SPRING TEAM YOU MADE THIS PLACE FOR US TO BE A BETTER LIVING, EXCELLENT MAINTENANCE AND COSTUMER SERVICE. I WOULD RECOMMEND THIS APARTMENT TO EVERYONE

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